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Success Stories of the '90s1

BCI is a consortium of architects, engineers and construction specialists with geographic proximity to all parts of the Mid-Atlantic region. Since Building Consultants, Inc. incorporated six years ago, we have provided facility audit, construction management services, feasibility study and construction monitoring services to lenders for residential and commercial construction loan packages.

  • We have developed on-going long term relationships with our clients, the underwriters and loan administrators at many of the banks in Baltimore, Washington, D.C. and the surrounding areas. We have been able to maintain good relationships with our clients because we know how important it is to the banks that their borrowers are satisfied with our timely and efficient service.
  • With Building Consultants, Inc., the borrower knows a professional architect, engineer or builder is reviewing his project.
  • We understand the importance of prompt payment in the operation of a small business and have satisfied bank and borrower alike with our quick response.

The recent advances in office technology have allowed us to create a "virtual office" environment where all our inspectors are connected with the main office by phones, data modems and fax machines. Our field inspectors are located geographically close to their assigned projects, which reduces travel time and expense. Because our fees are passed on to the borrowers, the bank's customers are happy to know they're charged for our expertise and not our drive time! We pass these savings on to our clients with our competitively priced fees.

The continuing bank merger mania has benefited BCI by allowing the development of new relationships with far flung branches of what are now national banks who need service for loans in the Baltimore-Washington area. Most of our new clients have come to us by referral : old clients with new associations recommend BCI for their construction loan support.

The most crucial thing Building Consultants, Inc. has learned in the time we have been in business, is that the most important people we know are our clients and, in turn, their clients.

1 Reprint from Maryland Builder, May/June, 1996.

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