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Transaction Screens

ASTM E1528
Standard Practise for Transaction Screen Process


Intended for use on a voluntary basis by parties who wish to assess the environmental condition of commercial real estate.

A Transaction Screen Process typically takes 10 business days to complete and consists of four basic elements:

1. Interview

In-depth interview with property owner and occupants, and completion of ASTM E1528 Transaction Screen Questionnaire.

2. Historical and Regulatory Review

A review of Federal and State regulatory records:

  • National Priorities List and the State equivalent list,
  • CERCLIS and the State equivalent list,
  • RCRA non-CORRACTS TSD facilities list,
  • Leaking Underground Storage Tank list,
  • Solid Waste/Landfill facilities, and
  • fire insurance maps.

3. Site Reconnaissance

Physical and visual examination of the property, including any structures, as well as a cursory survey for abutting and/or adjacent properties within ½-mile of the site.

4. Findings Report

A written report is prepared to document the findings and present any evidence of recognized environmental conditions at the site.

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